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axl-fox replied to your photo
Aaaa I really like that uniform color! *v*
ohh thanks you~~~I always want to try black uniform jet ~~~~ (´//▽//`)
— 2 months ago
thecoldestginger asked: :D Here's a smile to brighten your day!!!


Thank you~~~! I think I need it now~~ヾ(○´▽`○)ノ 

— 2 months ago
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You draw the most adorable Jets (´v` )
Your jet is also so adorable ohhhhh ~~~(´///☁///`)
— 3 months ago
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You know what I love best about your Jet drawings,…

ohh !。゚・(ノД`)人(´Д`)人(Д` )・゚。

Actually I think I have a really big problem with human anatomy before,
and I’m now trying to do it better than before.
It ‘s really happy to get your reply ~~~(つ///д//⊂)

— 3 months ago
#I need to improve my EnglishQQ  #It hard to use poor english to express how happy I got someone's reply.